The Used - Heartwork (2 vinyl lps)


In 2019 The Used signed to their long-time friend and producer John Feldmann's record label Big Noise. They started recording the album in June 2019, took a break to headline the Disrupt Festival tour, and finished recording the album in November 2019.[ The band recorded 27 songs during the Heartwork sessions and plan on releasing another album later in 2020 that will include the remaining songs. A music video for the single "Blow Me" was released in December 2019, "Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton" in February, and "Cathedral Bell" in April. This is the first album to feature Joey Bradford on guitar after Justin Shekoski left in 2018. The band writes, "the new album plays on the emotions, the sincerity, and the vulnerability of the first record and In Love and Death, with a little bit of the flair from Lies for the Liars. We can't wait for you to hear it."

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Paradise Lost, a poem by John Milton" 2:47
2. "Blow Me" 3:20
3. "Big, Wanna Be" 3:30
4. "Bloody Nose" 3:04
5. "Wow, I Hate This Song" 2:56
6. "My Cocoon" 1:00
7. "Cathedral Bell" 3:04
8. "1984 (Infinite Jest)" 2:44
9. "Gravity's Rainbow" 4:14
10. "Clean Cut Heals" 2:51
11. "Heartwork" 1:22
12. "The Lighthouse" 2:51
13. "Obvious Blasé" 2:52
14. "The Lottery" 2:44
15. "Darkness Bleeds, FOTF" 4:01
16. "To Feel Something" 2:56
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