David Bowie (various vinyl lps)

  • The No Plan EP was originally released digitally on January 8th, 2017 the day after would have been David Bowie's 70th Birthday. The release reached #1 on the iTunes charts of 11 countries including the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Finland and Sweden, and broke the Top 20 in more than 30 territories. The No Plan EP is now being made available on CD and vinyl formats. The vinyl version is pressed on heavyweight 180g black vinyl that includes a special laser etching on side B and is housed in new artwork designed by longtime collaborator Jonathan Barnbrook.The No Plan EP features the single 'Lazarus' from Blackstar, and the three final David Bowie studio recordings during the sessions for his 28th and final album Blackstar "No Plan," "Killing A Little Time" and "When I Met You." The track "No Plan" was hailed by Rolling Stone who ranked it at #4 in their 50 Best Songs of 2016 as "a magnificent coda... one last transmission from the Bowie universe."
  • Changes Bowie-2 Offered a second compilation, following the success of RCA's earlier 1976 compilation release, ChangesTwoBowie offered a collection of Bowie favorites up to 1981, including selects that were left out of ChangesOne. Surprisingly enough, RCA pieced together this album of former hits without Bowie's consultation, resulting in a selection of tracks that offer slightly less cohesion than the Starman's typical arrangements. That said, songs like "Aladdin Sane" and "Oh You Pretty Things" showcase huge talent, and the inclusion of recordings not included on past LPs offer an incentive for vinyl heads to add this keepsake to their collections. Track Listing: Aladdin Sane Oh! You Pretty Things Starman 1984 Ashes to Ashes Sound and Vision Fashion Wild Is the Wind John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) D.J.
  • The World of David Bowie. Decca launched its much-loved World Of Series in 1968. The first album looked at one of the label’s biggest selling artists – yet hardly one that chimed with the counter culture in 1968. The World Of Mantovani – SPA 1, (or PA 1 in mono) – was a 14 track collection, each track a different selection from his sizeable Decca album catalogue. Released in the autumn of the year, it acted as a perfect primer, and its price, 17s, put it shy of the 37s 6d of the full price albums. Its whole raison d’etre was to drive sales of the artist’s deeper repertoire – dip in here and then indulge further – the rear sleeve clearly offered the catalogue numbers of the parent albums.

The series would run throughout the 70s and become a ubiquitous feature of the label. It was taken so seriously, that David Bowie himself offered the track listing for his own addition to the series, (SPA/PA 58), which was released in March 1970 after the success of the Phillips-released single Space Oddity. It also showed how the World Ofs could be a veritable treasure trove for rarities and one-offs, as it contained the first official release of Let Me Sleep Beside You, Karma Man and In The Heat Of The Morning.

According to Kevin Cann’s invaluable book on Bowie’s early years, Any Day Now, Bowie bought a copy of the original himself from a record shop on Beckenham High Street. It became a big seller – indeed, Decca repackaged it – when Bowie finally became a big star. Imagine the shock people had thinking they had The Jean Genie when what they had was Uncle Arthur and Little Bombardier.

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